Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It is important to eat lunch every day.  If you don't you will be hungry.

Ok, how's that?

Actually, lunches can be difficult for me.  Especially when it is only me.
What do you eat for lunch?

Lately, I have not been eating very well.  I have not been getting my fruits and veggies.  I think I've been eating mostly potato chips and cheese.  That can't be good.


Julie said...

Okay, nice new look.
I eat breakfast better than I used to do, only I tend to eat more at 10 or 11a.m. and then a lunch around 2-ish. Ive been really craving onions and salt these past few days, so I don't know whats up with that. Could be hormons I guess...who knows, but not in chip form- the salt not the hormons- ( although I am right now eating the best ever taco chips..so salty yum!) I have done pretty good with the eating thingy I'm on. I've lost 4 pounds, but that could be water weight (but I've had a lot of salt, so who knows). I've cut back on soda and increased tea(green and reg.) I am also trying to get more water.
Anyway, I feel better when I eat breakfast. :)

Kay Day said...

Julie, that is good! I'm proud of you.
But read the post again. The topic is LUNCH.

What do you eat for lunch? When you aren't working.

Julie said...

I wanted to talk about breakfast.

Julie said...
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Monday through Sunday said...

I hate lunch..it seems to be made up of leftovers and when there are no leftovers..I think..I should eat a salad..but it is so much WORK!

Robin said...

Cheese is one of my favorite things to eat, but fortunately for me I haven't been binging on it lately. I have been binging though - on fresh fruit - oh yum... I think the baby must like fruit :)