Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Try putting some fresh mint leaves in you water.  It actually makes the water feel colder.  It's great for your digestion, too!


Robin said...

I like your new header picture!

Cool about the mint leaves.

I got a mint body wash from Bath and Body works a while back and after I use it I'm freezing for a good while.

Have you seen this site before? I may have sent it in the past... http://www.calorie-count.com/calories/recipe_analysis.php?process=resubmit&count=20 The thing is that when I create my super recipes for cookies, etc... and they get a C- grade I'm sad... but I guess its better than the D- they would get if I didn't work them over.

Monday through Sunday said...

sounds fresh!

Chelf said...

Is that what makes Mint Juleps so nifty?

Not that I would drink one, but it is a nice cool thought.

Thanks for the tips!