Thursday, February 19, 2009

everything is going to change

On Monday I am changing my life. 
Okay, remember way back when I said I was going to do a cleanse? Well, for a lot of reasons, I haven't done it yet. 
Monday. I am going to do it Monday. And that will be the start to me getting back on the wagon with my eating.
I have been eating a lot of sugar and a lot of foods that I am sensitive to. And I feel awful.

But good news is what I got at the Doctor. I have a new Doc and what a physical I got! Three hours! And then I went in and sat with him for one hour while we went over all the results.
I am pretty low on Vit. D. I got an emulsion that I put in my mouth and it absorbs that way. He said D is often destroyed by stomach acid. And Colorado doesn't get enough of the right sun rays for us to get our D that way.
I am a little fat - who knew?
Other than that, I am healthy as a horse. Whatever that means.
I was expecting hormones to be off, but they were mostly ok. I'm just a tad manly, a little too much testosterone. Maybe that explains my beard. So if I take more fiber it will absorb the excess, he said.
I struggle with constant fatigue, though, so he took some more blood to search for the cause of that. 
And I was surprised to find that I have a pretty fast metabolism. When I just sit, I burn more than 1800 (first I put 18,000. If only!)  calories! Cool. I must be eating a lot, then.

So, since I'm terribly healthy, I want to feel good. That means eating what I know I'm supposed to eat and probably moving around a bit each day. So, Monday it's a go.

Good for Julie, by the way. Three cheers! You're doing great!