Thursday, April 10, 2008


ok.  I haven't actually given up sugar yet.  Since I knew my birthday was coming, I figured, "why bother."  But tomorrow I will go cold turkey!
I know Mel is doing it!  Yay!
Anyone else?

Also, I realized yesterday that going shopping on a birthday is not such a great idea.  First of all when I saw myself in one of those mirrors they have everywhere, it looks like I have a bruise on my cheek.  There is no bruise.  What is that big dark smudge?  

Then everything I tried on was too small and I know I wore that size a couple of weeks ago.  Pooey.

I'm not putting on pounds.  I'm just turning to flab.  I'm losing muscle mass and replacing it with rolls and pudges.  

So, not only am I giving up the sugar.  I have GOT to start moving!  Just have to.  My dog is fat, too, so I guess we will be taking walks together.  I am thinking to ask some women I know in the area if they want a walking partner.  I would be so much more motivated that way.

How do you motivate yourself to exercise?  Do you do it at home?  At a gym?  At all?


Robin said...

Hi Kay!

I haven't given up sugar yet either... There are just too many yummy things that contain sugar...aughh.

I do exercise though. I usually go to the gym 6 days a week (less if I have appointments or other things to deal with) and walk at least 4 miles. Today I did close to 5. I also take a class only one day a week in addition to my treadmill time. My class is a combination of tai chi, pilates and yoga. No weird stuff though just the exercise. I also try to do work with the weights, but if I'm running short on time I cut the weights and keep the cardio.

I feel stronger since joining the gym 3 + years ago and it motivates me better than exercising at home. At home I always INTEND to do it, but never do. I had an exercise DVD from the library that I kept renewing for about three month and I did it twice for about 10 minutes each time. I need the pressure of classmates and the motivation of wasting money to keep me going.

My good cholestoral is incredible though, but I still have to work on lowering my bad cholesterol a bit. My doc said he wasn't concerned about it because my good was so good, but I still want to make changes. I'm guessing the changes I have to make are in diet because I was od'ing on dairy products last time I had my blood tested.

Julie said...

Since I have been going to excercise class at the school (school nurse does it-for school workers) I have lost 8.5 inches of blubber, but alas! It has turned to hard fat. Have been told that it will melt away the rest of the blubber. I feel better for going, but I have missed last 3 times because of sickness, transportation, and sickness problems. I just go because the other people expect to see me there. My hubby and others know I go so now I'm stuck. But thats good. Anyway, I need the accountability of others to be dedicated to exercise.

Monday through Sunday said...

When you come up with a great plan let me know! I am still struggling to make time for it!

If we lived next door to each other I would say lets go walking..but alas it is not to be..