Friday, April 11, 2008

sugar sugar

The past couple of days I OD'd on sugar.  Here are some things that it does to me, some of which I only discovered yesterday:

Makes me very tired
Makes my head feel full and foggy
Makes me dizzy
Makes me irritable
Makes me feel anxious
Makes my heart palpitate
Increases muscle pain and stiffness
Makes me fat


Robin said...

Ok, so WHY does it have to taste so good? Sugar doesn't do anything good for me either, yet I love to put it in my mouth...

I hope Mel shares her recipe for sugar-free muffins. Do you have any tasty sugar free recipes?

Julie said...

I think sugar must also do this to me too, but I don't know. I think I'm getting an ulcer. I had the start of one when I was a teenager, but now I think it's back. Plus side is I REALLY don't feel like eating very much at a time. It feels like a ton of rocks in my tum.:( Pepsi doesn't even sound that great anymore. :(. Double :(

Monday through Sunday said...

OK..I felt all those symptoms when I weened myself off of it..yucko!

Julie said...

new post, new post newpostnewpostnewpost...hey how about a new post?