Monday, January 7, 2008

Stop drinking your calories

I think the number one thing people could do to lose some weight is to stop drinking calories.

Ever notice how people are drinking all the time? Pop, sweetened teas, juice type drinks like Snapple, always something. Now it's coffee. But not just coffee – it's liquid dessert.

A 12 oz can of pop has 136 calories. 33 grams of sugar. How many do you drink per day?

A Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino Grande size has 430 calories. 60 grams of sugar.

A Cappuccino Grande has only 120 and 10 sugars.

Pumpkin Spice Latte has 380 and 49 sugars.

Just so you know.

If you take in 500 less calories per day, you can lose a pound per week.

Do you drink four cans of pop per day? Most people don't drink cans anymore they drink those bigger bottles.

How many Starbucks' goodies do you have per day?

Ok, so maybe you love this stuff too much to give it up. I'm just saying. Stop drinking your calories and you can probably lose weight with just that one change.

Now, there is nothing wrong with an occasional pop or coffee treat. But make it a treat. Back to the post on tasting the food. If you get a white chocolate mocha something, savor it. Enjoy it. Make it satisfying. Same with the pop. We tend to drink pop like water, especially with meals. These days I seldom drink it, but when I do, I make it last and I also have water with my meal and drink the water for thirst and the pop for flavor.

So, there's something for you to think about.



Cindy Swanson said...

You are SOOO right, Kay! When I think about the gallons of sugared pop I used to drink, it amazes me that I wasn't even heavier than I was!

When I found out I was diabetic, I dropped all pop, because I can't stand diet pop. I now drink water and different kinds of flavored teas. Honestly, I don't even miss it anymore!

Anonymous said...

I know a lady that counts her drink as her daily dessert, because they are so full of empty calories.

Robin said...

You say pop too! People here in VA think that is funny, something about pop being their dad or grandfather, not their drink. One summer when I worked in GA everyone laughed at me when I asked if they wanted their pop in a bag. I was informed that if its brown its Coke and if its light its Sprite, but I'm a rebel and I started calling those carbonated beverages by the name printed on the label (Mountain Dew, Pepsi, etc.) instead of pop or Coke. Now in VA I just say pop and don't care how much everyone chuckles at me.

As a general rule I don't drink pop, but will drink it on occasion in punch, but agree wholeheartedly with you and would rather save the calories for something that tastes yummy.

My drink of choice is H20, but people keep saying I need to drink special water and the city water is going to kill me. Well something will eventually...

MondaythroughSunday said... you mention Pumpkin Spice...because of me? lol, just kidding..I am working on it!! I just wish it wasn't cold..then I would not want hot drinks so much!!

Kay said...

Not really, but I was trying to think of what people drink and I'd heard you mention that. LOL

Robin, my sister has gone against her roots and calls it soda now. My dh is from FL and calls it all Coke, no matter the flavor.

frasypoo said...

Me and my husband dont drink soft drinks at all.For me its because I was not used to it and he because he likes water!!!