Wednesday, January 9, 2008

recipes and flax and fish

Another idea for recipes is that you can send in recipes that you like and together we can see how we can make them more healthy. You can e mail them to me at keep 1 hope at comcast dot net.

Robin has asked about flax seeds. See the comment section of the last post.
I have done the flax seed thing and just found it to be too big of a hassle. They are good for you and here is a good site to read all about them. But you have to grind them for your body to be able to access the nutrients and it's just a pain IMO. They taste ok, though. I did flax oil for a while and I just dipped my bread in it like olive oil. I like the flavor. But fish oil has the same good fats in it that flax has and they are more readily available to the body.

So, that's my take on flax. Its good for you and recommend using either that or taking fish oil capsules.

FYI, some people have trouble with fishy breath and burps from fish oil. I've never experienced that.


MondaythroughSunday said...

I have bought flax and ground it in a coffee grinder. I have not done it in awhile though.

Robin said...

A friend told me to use a separate coffee grinder for flax and coffee, but lucky for me I don't drink coffee so its my flax grinder :)

I'm looking forward to seeing the recipes that come through.

Robin said...

I'd be especially interested in fish recipes - mostly ones that don't taste fishy or look like its fresh from the river... Can't do scales and eyeballs...

I've been learning to appreciate salmon and tilapia. Today I found a great deal on tuna steaks.

Oh, a question for you what do you think about the mercury in fish and are there some types of fish that have lower levels?