Wednesday, January 2, 2008


My hubby has started a juice fast. He's done this before and had pretty good results. We have a juicer and he drinks nothing but fresh juices and water for a certain time. I'm not sure how long he's planning to do it. He loses weight, naturally, but it also clears out all of his cravings and cleanses the body.
I don't want to do it.
But, I do like juicing. When I was really sick with my gallbladder trouble, my stomach also got really bad. I think it was irritated from the other problem, somehow. But I couldn't eat anything. Not a cracker, not jello, not rice, broth, anything. It gave me a tummy ache. So the friend who gave me suggestions told me to start juicing.
So, every morning I made juice of carrots, beet, cucumber and apple. The beet helps thin the bile and the other stuff is just good for you. You know, it actually tastes really good. And it helped very quickly. I started feeling better within a couple of days.
I don't juice much anymore, but now that my hubby is doing it, I've been drinking more. I really would like to do it each morning. I feel very good when I do.
It can be expensive because the juicers are expensive. But I found one brand new online for $30 or $60, I can't remember. But either price is great for a juicer and it works very well. Its a *Krups brand. Buying the large amounts of organic produce isn't cheap, either, but if you're only drinking juice once per day, it isn't so bad.
And my hubby ate out everyday for lunch, so buying these veggies isn't costing us any more than we were spending, anyway.
*edited to correct the brand name of the juicer.


MondaythroughSunday said...

Do you get all the pulp and does it affect your blood sugar level?

Kay said...

Mel, the pulp comes out into another container. You can use it to add to muffins, etc for added fiber, etc.
It can affect your blood sugar. It would depend on what you were juicing. Obviously apple juice would affect it more than brocolli juice, (blech). But I usually mix fruit and veggies. Even brocolli isn't bad if its mixed with Apple and stuff. Carrots and beets have pretty high sugar levels, too.
But I personally don't worry about the blood sugar part since I only have issues when I eat refined sugar.
Some people add stuff for added protein, too. Can't think off hand what.

Anonymous said...

Good for you and your husband. There are so many benefits to juicing. My wife had the same gall bladder situation and she would have some very bad moments.
I would make her vegetable juice with beets and a little turmeric and she would get relief pretty fast.

Ultimately she had surgery because the attacks became more frequent. However it helped her a lot.

Happy New Year


Robin said...

My husband got a juicer for me a few years ago and we loved it - (past tense -too expensive to use regularly). There is something amazing about homemade fresh juice. I'd drink it every day if I had the money to buy enough produce AND I'd have to come up with some amazing way to use all that pulp because I just couldn't make enough muffins to keep up with my initial juicing habits. Maybe that new cookbook "Deceptively Delicious" would give ideas to incorporate the mounds of pulp.

Kay said...

Thanks for stopping by Dave. Your site is interesting, I passed it on to hubby.