Monday, January 5, 2009

eating well in 09

At the end of the year I fell of the good eating wagon pretty hard.  I mostly ate what I wanted and have been exhausted and icky because of it.

For 09 I am going to stick with my food plan.  Restrict myself from my restrictions.  And I'm praying that I will lose that deprivation mentality.  I need to learn an attitude of appreciation for what I can eat, instead of feeling sorry for myself over the things I can't.

Also.  I plan to eat fruit or veggies every day.  Because right now, other than potatoes, I often can go days without veggies.  That's bad!

I also plan to exercise once per week.  I realize that is a low goal.  And there is some kind of quote about aiming low - like you aren't supposed to do it.  But many years I set sky high goals and am overwhelmed by them.  This year I decided to be realistic.  Exercising once per week is a whole lot more than I've been doing!

I also plan to post at least weekly on this blog.  

What are your health goals for this year?


Julie said...

Still working on the goals. I have some plans, just not ready to make them public knowledge yet. Like it's some big deal or something. he,he.

melanie said...

doing the same :) I do hope you post on here more often...I enjoy your posts!