Sunday, October 26, 2008

fatty - that's me

Ok, I went shopping today and it was sad.  I had to get a size larger jeans.  I had to get a size larger bra.  Not in the good way - in the fat way.
I'm not up a lot on the scale.  About 8 pounds from where I'd like to be, but only 3 above my limit.
But something clearly has to be done.  I can't just slide by anymore at my age.  I have to actively combat that law of entropy.
So, I'm thinking that I will do the cleanse that I bought a couple of months ago.  It's just a 10 day thing, but it might help me feel better and get rid of my cravings.  I have been eating too much sugar and yeast. 
So, I'll do that and quit eating the sugar and yeast.
I also need to start walking every day, or at least 4 days a week, for 10 minutes.  The dog needs it, too.  Now that it's cooler, it should be easier to fit it into my schedule.  I am also going to find out if any local friends go to the rec center to work out.  If they do, maybe I can meet them there.  

So, how is it going with you?  I know Robin is getting ready to drop a few pounds. ;)
What about the rest of you?  Sugar?  Pop?  Exercise?


Robin said...

Hi Kay - I hope its more than a few that I drop considering how much I've gained...Aughh I hope that my son will be my top weight gain though... I've already gained more than I did with my daughter. I lost the weight with my daughter by 6 weeks, but it took longer with my son...

I pulled out my nursing shirts yesterday and as I looked at them and then looked down at my stomach I thought how on EARTH am I ever going to fit into these again?

Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things at the gym and lose the weight. I used to walk/jog/run for an hour six days a week and take a body flow class and do some with weights too, but after my fall it all went bye bye...

I wish we lived closer together Kay we could motivate each other in person.

Momstheword said...


Monday through Sunday said...

Still at it...doing well. I have treats from time to time. I have been walking a mile to 2 miles every morning. I have noticed I am smaller around the waist. T's Aunt told me I looked a lot skinnier in the face! :) I have had to tell myself that this is going to take time and effort. Oh how I wish these pounds would go away like how I gained them!

Julie said...

Uh, Yeah, don't ask.

Kathy said...

You probably read on my blog about 7 months ago that I had started trying to walk 10,000 steps a day. Well, that evolved into us walking each evening, about a 2 mile walk. So, that along with the walking I do on my breaks at work has helped me tremendously in dropping about 12 pounds. AT 5 feet tall, that's a lot for me. I wasn't really fat, I just had gained enough that I was having to go up in sizes and I didn't like that. Tonight we change our clocks and we will no longer be able to walk in the evenings because it will be dark, so I'll have to use the treadmill. I hope so much that I will keep it up because that has been my best means of weight control. I know I won't give up eating what I want, so I've gotta keep walking!

Jan Parrish said...

I am a member of the rec center. I haven't tried the new one. Wanna work out there some time?

I've gotten rid of most chocolate and it's helped a lot. Plus, I really limit my carbs. I do better on a low carb diet I think. :)

Monday through Sunday said...

Hey! I finally bought a clense. Will be starting tomorrow. I will let you know how that goes..(as I am stuffing my face with a chocolate chip cookie)

Fat or no fat..if I had to buy an extra size up bra...there would be joy here! :) For me and someone else! :)

Robin said...


What cleanse did you buy? A friend of mine just bought one called Colonex (sp?). No cleanse for me for a while - sometime after nursing I'd like to try one.

Julie said...

Kay, I have started the "Cabbage soup diet" for the next 7 days. I'm on day 2. From what I can find out a person just hates doing this kind of thing. I only had 2 bowls of soup yesterday and none today yet, and I already HATE it! Yesterday was fruit day, and today is veggie day, and tomorrow is fruit and veggie day. I have had my appetite cut in half or more. I did eat one potato chip and a half glass of eggnog and got a tummy ache. So I think I will just buck up and do it right for the rest of the days. I hope that it cleanses my insides out-if you know what I mean- besides the jump start on weight loss and getting off caffeine and sugar.
I just want to quit, but I already gave my Pepsi to the girls, and told the whole family what I was doing. somthing like "I want to be healthy blah blah blah" Ok, thats whats new with me. Maybe keep me in your thoughts for the next few days or so, that I don't just up and quit. :(

Anonymous said...

Hey there KayBee! I just happened upon your blog here! What cleanse did you/are youdoing? I am on Day 5 of The Master Cleanse - the lemonade diet. Have you heard of it? I am feelign pretty good and have lost 11 pounds - obviously not all fat pounds but cleansing out the colon is a great way to start out the year right and get those aweful cravings out of the way fast and furious! And of course, I wouldn't ever be without my JuicePlus - 17 real fruits and veggies everyday! Happy New Year!

Kay Day said...

Hey, A! Fun to see you on my blog!
I haven't done the cleanse yet, but the one I bought is from Garden of Life and was recommended by the people at the store for being mild.
I haven't heard of the lemon aid diet, but I do know that drinking a glass of lemon water every morning is great for cleansing the liver.

I am seeing a new doc and waiting to see what he recommends before I do one, now.