Thursday, February 19, 2009

everything is going to change

On Monday I am changing my life. 
Okay, remember way back when I said I was going to do a cleanse? Well, for a lot of reasons, I haven't done it yet. 
Monday. I am going to do it Monday. And that will be the start to me getting back on the wagon with my eating.
I have been eating a lot of sugar and a lot of foods that I am sensitive to. And I feel awful.

But good news is what I got at the Doctor. I have a new Doc and what a physical I got! Three hours! And then I went in and sat with him for one hour while we went over all the results.
I am pretty low on Vit. D. I got an emulsion that I put in my mouth and it absorbs that way. He said D is often destroyed by stomach acid. And Colorado doesn't get enough of the right sun rays for us to get our D that way.
I am a little fat - who knew?
Other than that, I am healthy as a horse. Whatever that means.
I was expecting hormones to be off, but they were mostly ok. I'm just a tad manly, a little too much testosterone. Maybe that explains my beard. So if I take more fiber it will absorb the excess, he said.
I struggle with constant fatigue, though, so he took some more blood to search for the cause of that. 
And I was surprised to find that I have a pretty fast metabolism. When I just sit, I burn more than 1800 (first I put 18,000. If only!)  calories! Cool. I must be eating a lot, then.

So, since I'm terribly healthy, I want to feel good. That means eating what I know I'm supposed to eat and probably moving around a bit each day. So, Monday it's a go.

Good for Julie, by the way. Three cheers! You're doing great!


Momstheword said...

I know you can do very well when you get going. I have a hard time leaving sweets alone, but other carbs are easier.

Joie de vivre said...

Fiber absorbs excess testosterone!? Who knew? I think most people are probably Vitamin D deficient in winter. On those days when the sun peeks out for a few minutes, I try to sit in a sunny spot and soak it up! Good luck with your cleanse!

Lifelines said...

So, how is it going? You might find that getting out for regular exercise will make you feel better, too. Maybe you are an avid exerciser already?

Anonymous said...

Your blog design is really beautiful. and for changing your life, humans can't adopt to change so fast, read 'Future Shock' Alvin Toffler.

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

We've changed the way we eat and we feel much better. Laying off the sodas and drinking more water helped me.