Thursday, August 21, 2008

ten pounds!

I have gained ten pounds since the last time I weighed.  I'm not sure what that time period is, but only a few months, I think.

This gain puts me over my upper limit.  I allow myself some fluctuation room, but this puts me over the top of what is acceptable!

I know exactly how it happened, too.  This summer I have been eating just about anything I want.  And here's what I've discovered happens when I do that:

I become insatiable.  I just eat and eat and eat.  When I am avoiding the foods I know I should, I can eat a reasonable amount and then be satisfied.  But not true when I am eating the things that my body can't handle.

I gain weight!

I fall asleep every afternoon.

I have worse PMS symptoms - the emotional symptoms.

I am more depressed.

My body hurts worse.

I have heart palpitations.

My stomach bothers me a lot.

So... I am back off the sugar and yeast and chocolate and will soon also go off the wheat and egg yolks and everything else that I am sensitive to.

I am going to do a cleanse.  I will pick it up from the store tomorrow.  It is a short one, but a good start, I think.  I will also start drinking lemon juice in a big glass of water each morning, dry brushing my skin, and taking salt baths.  If the rec center has a sauna, I may go spend some time there.

After that, I may do a more intensive yeast cleanse.  That would take several months and exclude fruit, honey, potatoes, etc.  Maybe after Christmas?  What's Thanksgiving and Christmas without mashed potatoes?!  Meanwhile, I will be avoiding all of the things that are bad for me.

I have to get my mind back in the right place, too.  I have to stop allowing myself to feel deprived because of all the things I can't eat.  

So, I know that Mel and Julie both are working on this.  Let's all encourage one another.  It is difficult.  I really would love to eat a pie right now!  LOL  But I am fed up with feeling so lousy!  And I want my pants to fit again!


Julie said...

My appetite has seemed to shrink, but I have yet to drop any weight. I maintain really well, I just have a hard time losing it. No more soda, just that one time, and I have had a little sugar, but just 1 at a time, and not 3/7 like before. And the stuff actually doesn't taste as wonderful as it used too, so I sometimes just pass. I don't feel like I have to eat just because others are eating either. I know it takes time, but because I once lost weight sorta fast, I am spoiled and think it should be quicker.
Kay, just try to remember how good you used to feel. Bummer, but it's almost (or maybe it is) like food allergies, and with allergies you just have to do what you have to do. Bummer.
I feel better when I don't eat as much.

Momstheword said...

Why, oh why, is it so hard to give up sweets? It's almost like we have a reverse allergy to it.

Monday through Sunday said...

what body cleanse do you usually get?

Kay Day said...

When I've done it before, it was stuff my nutritionist sold me. This time I am getting one by Garden of Life.

Monday through Sunday said...

Let me know how you like it..if you do...pass on the info!!

I am doing well. This is my third..the hardest day. I think baking a cake for S's party is not helping and all the junk food around for the party. I did buy a couple sugar free chocolates to pop in my mouth if I break. You would be so proud...I made the cake..and didn't even lick my fingers!! :)

Kay Day said...

I will let you know what i think of the cleanse.

I have a birthday party tonight, too. I'm not really tempted by the cake, but the m&m's on top?!!
And i am thinking of making chocolate ice cream... that will be tough. and there will be pop and other stuff. But really, I am already starting to feel better. I don't want to go back.

I am proud of you! You are doing very well. Julie is too!

Julie said...

What is a cleanse anyway? Something you drink? or eat?

Kay Day said...

cleanses are different. The one I am going to do has three parts, capsules that I take before I eat and something I drink after I eat and then more capsules before bed.

Robin said...

You changed your blog look again - I like it.

Do you know of any cleanses that are safe to do while nursing?

Monday through Sunday said...

Gotta LOVE the red!!

Marla ;-) said...

I started a wonderful "lifestyle mealplan" - not diet - about four weeks ago. I lost 8 lbs in the first 7 days! (Not so rapid after that.) And I feel terrific! You can sign up for FREE online coaching, FREE access to meal plans, shopping lists, exercise tips and more at Ever heard of Dr. Jordan Rubin and The Maker's Diet? This is The Maker's Diet repackaged for the masses! But the same God-honoring biblical eating plan. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! Takes extra preparation and commitment. -blessings!

Anonymous said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!!! I too share alot of your symptoms, so I went to MY source for help. The one that knows my body BEST - My Creator, Jesus Christ!!!! Just this weekend, I talked to HIM about my weight gain...I knew the main reason why...but He clarified to me, that it is eating too frequently - not enough time to digest and that too much food is hard on digestion - I think it just dumps into our colon, causing lower gut bloat...and to eat small amouts, as Mireille and Gwen Shamblin say to do. I LOVE Gwen's book "Weigh Down" - perfect common sense...
So, I applied it and have lost a pound and a half in ONE day...yes, some could be water, but who cares - it's LOST. LOL I had a donut, candy, cookies and a Starbuck's Peppermint Mocha Twist - decaf of course....but LESS FOOD....and still lost.
Let's remember the REASON for the season and that is to keep our focus ON JESUS....he is our EVERYTHING and He certainly helped ME. He is our LIVING GOD - alive and well, thankfully! So, Merry Christmas everyone!