Sunday, February 10, 2008

keeping it clean

There are some easy things you can do daily to help your body get rid of toxins. One of the main things is to try to elimate as many toxins as you can from your environment and food.
Do what you can to eat clean foods.
Use natural cleansers when you can. White vinegar is an excellent all purpose cleanser and it's probably less expensive than regular cleansers. Baking soda can be used for a lot of cleansing needs, too. Lemon juice and lemon oil are great. Lemon kills germs.
Then, to get toxins out that you alread have in your body:
Every morning right after you get up, drink a large glass of water with some organic lemon juice in it. It doesn't have to be strong. Just a little juice in there. Make sure it is palatable. Lemon is a wonderful antimicrobial agent, but it is also very cleansing to the liver.
Use a dry brush on your skin before you shower or bathe. They sell these various places, or you can use a loofa. You brush your skin according to the instructions. This exfoliates the skin which allows the skin to excrete waste as it should. It is, in fact, the main elimination organ of the body. The brushing also stimulates circulation, stimulates the lymph system and helps all of the toxins and fats to break up and be released.
Take a salt bath as often as you can. Sea salt is best, but epsom salt will work. The osmotic properties of the bath draw out the toxins. You want to be sure your water isn't too hot, and you don't want to soak more than ten minutes as you begin doing this. If you take longer or take a hot bath, you can get woozy. Also, rinse off, so that the toxins go down the drain.
We already talked about juicing, and that is a good addition to the routine, if you can manage it.
None of these things are difficult or even expensive. They do take some planning, and intentional effort, but not much! I've recently started doing these things because I had just not been feeling as good as I wanted to. I'm already seeing a difference.


MondaythroughSunday said...

I am going to try the sea salt bath. Do you do it? Do you like it and do you feel a difference? How often do you do this? Just curious!

Kay said...

The salt baths are very relaxing. Wonderful to do before bed. And the sea salt is good for your skin. Helps with dryness and itching. It gives you a nice feeling like walking on the beach.

I don't do it very often, but you can do it daily if you want to.

Vitamin Cottage has big tubs full of sea salts that are a much better bargain than buying smaller packages.

Robin said...

Sounds like a plan with the sea salt bath.

Can you share more about the vinegar and baking soda in regard to cleansing?


Robin said...
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